Thursday, October 27, 2011


Three Words, Vista Shadow Mountain. Yes.  I found this amazing place on it is in scenic Tulsa OK. Can you say I AM THERE? Three pools, pet friendly, amazing workout facility.  There is more too, and pictures on the site.
So for a little over a grand a month, I can live in an 1800 Sq ft three bedroom villa.  Divide that by three and that is only 600 dollars a month. This means my pup gets the expensive puppy chow, and no more ramen noodles for me!
This place has air conditioning a balcony and a fireplace for those chilly nights.  Guess now I am going to need a bear skin rug.
What I love, was it was so easy to find on! They give excellent details for the joint, and photos that make you drool. As a college student, I often check out places that I might want to live.  I have never experienced such ease in searching as I experienced on  So, ya might wanna check it out, or hit me up if you are looking to be roomies..As always, I get the top bunk!

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