Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maybe you are a Gremlin?

I cannot understand for the life of me why kids don't wanna bathe.  I think it feels nice to be clean..refreshing even.  I can't imagine getting into bed after being all sweaty and nasty.  I cannot imagine going to school smelling of yesterdays filth.  I feel blessed that my parents taught me good hygiene.  Mom, dad, thank you...thank you for showing me the importance of a bar of soap.
Getting children to shower after they are over the age of 7 is work! Hard work, work that NEEDS TO BE DONE.  I went as far as googling " skin infections" and showing them to my 7 year old son.  Needless to say he got right in the tub after looking in disgust at the photos.  (Yep, it works for oral hygiene away)  That problem was nipped right in the bud.
Maybe I am wrong, maybe these kids have seen Gremlins and they fear that they shall multiply if one droplet of water touches their fair delicate skin....umm no never-mind because I know they would not give a second thought to snacking after midnight...
I just don't get it..what has happened?  What happened to playing outside until the streetlight came on ( and then begging for 5 more minutes to play flashlight tag)  then hopping into the tub (bubbles preferred) and getting squeaky clean..I can smell the strawberry shortcake shampoo right now..ahhhhh....
Not anymore..and yea the going outside part has been taken over by overuse of electronics  I understand that, I don't like it but I get it....but the bathing part..explain that one to me.
I have smelled some nasty kids.. They come in quite a few ripe fragrances..sweat..B O..pee, onion, soup and my favorite, "trash".  Now,
the parents say "They won't bathe"  I say.."They are have the right to throw them kicking and screaming into the tub!!.  Get with the program moms and in charge.  That (just may be) the problem.  I am not gonna lie, it is very hard to make your kids do what you want them to do..but do it damn it or don't have them!!   I remember my mother yelling "When you have your kids YOU can tell them what to do, until then you do what I say!!"  Now is your chance..TAKE CHARGE!!  There are enough messed up people in the world..lets not make more!! (Not to mention ..these smelly kids are going to be in charge of US someday! Do you really want your Dr or Nurse to be smelly??)
Show these kids how to use soap.  Teach them to keep clean.  That's what you are there guide them....I wonder.......could they be doing this on purpose just to get you to pay attention to them for a that I look back to my childhood at the kids who were smelly..they had parents who gave them EVERYTHING....everything except a moment of their time :(

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