Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Giving it a whirl

What can I say..I have a lot to say actually, yet lately I haven't been saying anything.  Confused? Good, read on..

  I am 31, I have been married for almost 9 years to a handsome sailor, I am a mom, and I am me.  I am a spunky lil brat who likes to get her way and loves to help anyone I can.
I am very opinionated, and I love a good argument..hell, I am outstanding at pretending I know what I am talking about.
I love "great ideas"  like extreme coupon and things like that, but I lose interest in them in about 45 seconds..Let's go ride bike?
I have had so many jobs in my life I can't even remember half of them.  The only job I have ever even considered keeping is this mom job.  I guess it is my thing.  Keep your kids though, I am not too crazy about other peoples little hell raisers.  (aka  I don't babysit)
I talk alot, I just have so much to say, so much to say about nothing at all.  I am an awesome listener though, and I feel like I give really good advice..if I am wrong..well, sorry :\
I have severe separation anxiety when it comes to my kids.  I like them home with me, and I like to be able to see them when they are outside..This could come from losing my 5 month old son in 2007. 
Sometimes I can talk about it, sometimes not.  Today I don't want to, but I will say that I hate pity and I hate when people feel sorry for me. So don't.
I have a very good sense of humor.  That is my motor, that is what keeps me going. I like to make people laugh.  Laughter and breathing are my 2 favorite sounds in the world.
Crappy things like to happen to me and my family "making us stronger" but I think that is crap.  Its not fair, life seldom is.  So I will get a helmet.
I really enjoy writing, I always said I was going to write a book, but then...where did my bike go now???
I am going to try this time to keep up with this, so if you would like to read about my trials and tribulations..my advice, my rants and my stories..stay on board..if not...hit the bricks.


  1. I love when you say 'hit the bricks.' And I love you!

  2. Girly, I adore you! Luv your sense of humor, and our braindamage came from the Taunton water :D lol...keep writing!!

  3. You keep writing I'll keep reading. The things you say and do are fantastic...oh and you HAVE to post pics, you are an amazing photographer.