Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hi My name is Danielle and I am an addict.

Well, I just got off the phone with AT&T.  After 20 minutes I have convinced the kind fella that I deserve the promotional pricing for my internet. He informed me that I would need to switch to UVERSE TV to get it.  "How can I do that?" I asked, "I just got Directv to give me free MLB extra innings??  I neeeeed my baseball." He agreed and laughed as we caught up on the Red Sox.  That Dan, what a card he was.  Savings? 23.00.
This is the 5th time this week I have spoken with the fine customer service  reps over at AT&T.  This week I have convinced them that I defiantly deserve over 200 dollars in credits.  After the month I have had, I think that I do. 
We chit chat about the weather, sports, name it.  I have them laughing so hard by the end of the talk sometimes they give me 2 extra credits..5 dollars off here 5 off there.

The kind men and women have offered me to many free promotions I don't know what to do with myself..I am getting a free Blue teeth.  What the hell is that?

I believe I have logged over 6 hours in AT&T talk time this week.  Every time Jeremy enters the room and says "Who are you talking to?"  I just know that he knows who is on the other line.  (I think he is jealous)   I have written over 15 emails to the big wigs over there to let them know how special Jane and John Doe really are.  That = credit.

You gotta make sure you leave them beaming.  I make sure that I tell them how much they brightened my day and that I would like to have their ID number so I can write to AT&T and tell them how blessed they are to have such a fine employee.  This is the stunner.  Apparently AT&T offers its employees incentives when they get these I actually really do write them.   Why not? 
After all, we live in a place where people love to piss and moan about is pretty cool to hear the good stuff.  In other words..Don't be a DB.
The love when you tell them you are upset, but not at them, they didn't it, and you are ever so thankful that they have fixed it for you.  Thankful like they just gave you a kidney.  This makes them happy, and who doesn't like to be happy at work?!

I blame this all on my father.  I think it is genetic this addiction.  I am getting pretty good at it, but not like him.  He is the MASTER, I am only the lowly grasshopper.  With time I will get better..with practice comes perfection...on that note, I must go...I feel like Directv would love to give me another promotion right about now....

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