Saturday, June 11, 2011

I am just gonna do what I wanna do.

I have decided that from now on I am just going to do what I want to do.  This does not mean I will go buck wild or anything like that..No.  No worries, you will not be bailing me out of jail anytime soon.  Maybe.
Life is short.I already knew this, but someone somewhere keeps pounding that into my head by making stupid things happen.  Life is way to short to worry about things that you have no control over.  I see it this way, if you sit and worry about the sky turning pink and dragons flying out of the clouds killing tens of thousands..and it ACTUALLY happens..what could you have done to prevent it? Not a damn thing.  So why burden yourself with such pain and misery day after day worrying about it?  Not I.  Not anymore.  There is so much good and beauty in this world, so many humorous things to pass the time..all you need to do is look for them.

I am so freakin sick and tired of people complaining about every single detail in their life..Know happy you have a life.  It is going to be over before you know it.
The only thing I feel we need to do in this world, the only thing we NEED to worry about is how to be a good decent person.  I believe that all these fruitcakes who worry about everything forget about this and just worry about themselves.  Go to church if you want to, don't push your beliefs onto others though, you gotta do what you wanna do.  Be straight, be gay, don't push it on rich be poor, be sad be happy do what YOU want, don't tell others what they NEED to do.  That is not being a good decent person, that is called being a pain in the ass.

Yesterday my mother informed me that a very close family friend has passed on.  At first I felt very selfish, "oh no," I said "That is too bad"..she went on to explain to me that she was 82, very sick and her husband had been waiting for her for a long time.  Wow, what an ass I was.  She was home.  She was finally at peace, no more pain, suffering and she was with her beloved..That is happy.  A good decent person would understand that.  A selfish jerk would not.
I am so tired of being a selfish jerk.  I  am, from now on, going to live my life, be happy and be thankful for what I do have, I am not going to worry about things I have no control over, and I am not going to tell others how to live their lives..
I think you need to do the same.

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  1. 'That's called being a pain in the ass.' Hahaha, you're awesome. I don't think you'll need bailed out of jail,'d just talk them out of arresting you. :)